Class Site Use Request

Please use the form below to submit your class site use request. If necessary, you may download the form as a PDF and return completed hard copies to KAEFS.

Class Site Use Request PDF

I. Primary Instructor Information

II. Additional Instructors associated with this request

Please provide names, institution, and contact information (address, phone, and/or e-mail) below for other individuals that will be responsible for teaching or managing student visitors to KAEFS.

III. Requested Date(s) for Class Visit


IV. Students

Note: Instructors should communicate with the Director as soon as possible to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of chaperones for the number of students visiting.

All vehicles must stay on designated roads and park in designated areas. Violation of this rule can cause a risk of fire.

V. Activity Description

VI. Site Impact

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, provide information about anticipated impact on vegetation, wetlands, soils, or wildlife. Describe plans to restore research sites to its original condition if the site will be impacted. This should include descriptions of plans for experiment take-down and removal, waste management, site restoration, or other aspect of the visit that may impact site quality. Describe types of specimens to be collected, species to be collected, whether voucher specimens will be deposited with natural history collections, and locations of those.

VII. Facilities & Equipment

Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png tif rtf pdf doc docx.

VIII. Safety

It is the responsibility of the course instructor(s) to convey safety information to their students. KAEFS is a field site and requires attention to weather, wildlife, and outdoor risks. Please discuss these with the Director.

IX. Other

Any aspects of the requested visit not addressed above that need to be shared with the KAEFS Staff should be provided below.

Visitors to KAEFS must comply with procedures and policies of the University of Oklahoma and KAEFS. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of site use. Updates or modifications of procedures will be communicated to the KAEFS Director in writing in advance of the visit. Instructors are responsible for conduct of their personnel or other individuals under their direction while at KAEFS. It is the responsibility of visitors to ensure that all trash, equipment, and other items from their visit be removed from the site. In the event that this does not occur, instructors will be responsible for costs incurred by KAEFS and OU for clean up and site restoration.

Any concerns that arise during the site visit should be conveyed to the Director.