Magnetometers study the electromagnetic environment of the Earth and space. Most of the magnetic field observed at ground level comes from deep within the Earth. Ground magnetometers measure magnetic induction due to electric currents flowing in the ionosphere at an altitude of approximately 100 kilometers which are closely connected to the variations in the magnetosphere and beyond. The highly varying activities on the Sun drive this so-called "space weather". Dr. Peter Chi form UCLA placed a magnetometer at KAEFS in spring 2006 in order to fill in a gap between units located in Dallas, TX and Wichita, KS and thus creating a network in the South Central United States where high-resolution magnetic measurements for space weather studies are lacking. The KAEFS magnetometer plays a role in an active research project that uses the ground measurements of field line resonance to remotely monitor the plasma density distribution in the magnetosphere. Through the participation in instrument operation and data inspection, students can obtain hands-on experience of space weather research in action.


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