The Washington Mesonet Site

The Oklahoma Mesonet is an automated network of 121 remote, meteorological stations across Oklahoma (Brock et al. 1995; Shafer et al. 2000). Each station measures core parameters that include: air temperature and relative humidity at 1.5 m, wind speed and direction at 10 m, atmospheric pressure, incoming solar radiation, rainfall, and bare and vegetated soil temperatures at 10 cm below ground level. In addition, most of the sites measure soil moisture at 5, 25, and 60 cm. The Mesonet was installed during 1993 and became operational on 1 January 1994. Since that time, over 2 billion observations have been archived at an archiving frequency that exceeds 99% of the possible observations. Mesonet data are collected and transmitted to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey every 5 minutes where they are quality controlled, distributed, and archived (Shafer et al. 2000). Additional information concerning the Oklahoma Mesonet is located at Information and metadata on the Washington Mesonet site is located at

Mesonet Station - Washington, OK

For more information on the Washington Mesonet site, the Oklahoma Mesonet, or obtaining Mesonet data for research, please contact Mesonet Research ( Information about the Mesonet Data Access Policy is located at

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Shafer, M. A., C. A. Fiebrich, D. S. Arndt, S. E. Fredrickson, T. W. Hughes, 2000: Quality assurance procedures in the Oklahoma Mesonet, J. Atmos. Oceanic Tech.,17, 474-494.


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