The Kessler Farm Field Laboratory offers numerous education opportunities. Classes at KEAFS have included formal and informal courses at all educational levels, as well as short workshops. Contact the Director of KAEFS for more information about course opportunities and to schedule your course or field trip visit to KAEFS. If you are unsure of what you’d like to do at the station, we are happy to work with you to develop a course experience or field trip that meets your students’ needs. To schedule a visit, begin by completing a class site use request form.

An environmental monitoring station is maintained at KAEFS primarily for teaching purposes. In 2001, the Department of Geography reorganized its undergraduate curriculum to emphasize fieldwork based on concepts of guided-inquiry learning or “learning by doing.” To implement this new pedagogy, the Department secured funding from the National Science Foundation CCLI-A&I (NSF DUE0127130) and acquired several items of field equipment including a ET106 weather station. Installation of the station was carried out with the support of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS). It conforms to standard OCS, NWS and USGS criteria. The station measures rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, sunshine hours, intensity of insolation, wind speed, wind direction, evapotranspiration and soil moisture. All measurements are recorded automatically and stored in a CR10X datalogger supplied with the system. Students utilize the installation for learning practical datalogger programming for climate monitoring as well as for investigating weather dynamics. The station is currently in stand-by mode.